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                              News Center
                              Integrity creates quality, Innovation leads the future
                              News Center

                              Yuankun machinery goes abroad to participate in overseas exhibitions


                              Notice on postponement of "2022 China (Shenyang) International Casting and Hot Processing Exhibition"


                              Cleaning experience and skills for cold insulation of stainless steel castings

                              For stainless steel castings, we are in charge of the tools used for repairing sandpaper, brushes, spray paint or bucket paint. When buying paint, buy anti-rust paint or polyester topcoat, and ensure that the number of brushes for stainless steel castings is more than two. The rust spots in the rusted position need to be cleaned with sandpaper.

                              How to do the heat treatment of precision castings?

                              What can we call a product obtained by using a precision casting mold and by a casting method? The answer is precision castings. Moreover, from the current point of view, its application is more and more extensive, it can be said that it penetrates all industrial sectors, especially electronics, petrochemicals, energy, textiles and other fields.

                              Precision casting process and casting equipment

                              Precision casting is the main business of our company, so we are required to study it and master its relevant knowledge content, so as to achieve a comprehensive understanding of this purpose.

                              Teach you to understand the sand precision casting method

                              Sand precision casting is preferred. According to statistics, 60-70% of all castings are produced with sand molds, and about 70% of them are produced with clay sand molds.

                              Advantages of Silica Sol Precision Casting

                              Silica sol precision casting has many advantages over ordinary casting processes, which can make the industrial parts to be cast more precise and bright, so that the product can be directly processed with as few steps as possible. A relatively advanced production process .

                              What is the qualification standard for precision stainless steel castings

                              In fact, the use of precision stainless steel castings is increasing depending on the development of the modern production industry. Therefore, the development of this production technology was rare at the beginning, because a very precise casting process was required for casting.. .

                              Commonly used casting methods for precision casting

                              Investment casting generally involves pouring liquid metal into a casting mold of the same shape as the casting. After waiting for it to cool naturally, the casting will be formed.

                              Scratches on the surface of precision castings

                              The surface of the precision casting has scratches along the direction of the mold, which are scratches. It has two characteristics. When the scratches are serious, it will produce adhesion to the mold, and even the precision casting cannot be removed. Scratching in aluminum alloys is very serious.

                              Forecast of the demand for large stainless steel castings in the Chinese market in 2022

                              In recent years, as the demand for stainless steel castings in the international market continues to grow significantly, the annual export volume of China's stainless steel castings continues to rise. China's foundry enterprises have ushered in a good opportunity for market development.

                              Compared with traditional craftsmanship, precision casting has obvious advantages

                              Precision casting is a casting method relative to the traditional casting process. It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting precision.
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